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styleonthecouch: wolverine 1000 mile collection

on August 23rd, 2012
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When Samantha Pleet collaborated with American footwear company Wolverine on their fall / winter collection for 2012, she created shoes and boots with an emphasis on independence and the spirit of adventure for the modern woman.

Stylist Mariah Kunkel, inspired by the same amazing group of women to whom Pleet turned for initial inspiration, created a series of nostalgic yet modern and versatile looks to showcase the Wolverine 1000 Mile collection. Below Mariah talks about the process of styling the lookbook and how she became involved:


How did you become involved with Samantha Pleet and the Wolverine 1000 Mile collection?

Early on, I was invited to preview the collection.  I was expecting the usual PR event with lots of people standing around product displays, but when I arrived the Wolverine folks made me feel exceptionally welcome.  Working together seemed like a natural fit: our aesthetics are very similar, I previously styled an editorial that featured the 1000 Mile boots and I loved the collection that Samantha Pleet designed.  When they asked me to style the lookbook I was really excited to participate.

Did you approach the lookbook having done planning and research or did you work using intuition?

Wolverine, Samantha and I had a series of really great initial conversations that really helped my process.  I wanted to make sure that our end result was something that resounded with both the Samantha Pleet and Wolverine brands and reflected some of my own style sensibilities and I think we were really successful.

We decided to use a combination of Samantha Pleet’s clothing line and vintage pieces and I definitely pulled using intuition, selecting items that “felt” right.  But my inclination towards planning definitely won out the day of the shoot.  I did have the majority of the looks somewhat finalized the night before, but I refined them as we shot throughout the day.

Where did you find inspiration for the lookbook?

Samantha drew inspiration from some remarkable women to create the line – namely, Anne Bonny, Amelia Earhart, Karen Blixen, Evelyn Nesbit – and the group definitely influenced my style choices as well.  I also worked off of that same spirit of adventure, exploration and travel that Samantha had distilled, to create looks that displayed the versatility of the collection.

Which is your favourite style within the collection, and why?

My favorite is definitely the two-tone tan Nesbit boot and oxford.  I adore the kiltie!

Who would you love to style? 

Definitely Rashida Jones.  Her versatility – and her sense of humor! – would make her a dream client.

What are your three top clothing essentials to buy for fall? 

Fall is going to be very tailored and very menswear-influenced, which is right up my alley.  The three essentials you need to pull off this look with practically any wardrobe are a pair of loafers (I like pennies or tassels on mine), a well-cut wool blazer in a menswear-inspired pattern like glen plaid or blackwatch, and a structured handbag that looks more briefcase than Birkin.


Wolverine 1000 Mile Collection by Samantha Pleet

Photographs by Mikael Kennedy

Styling by Mariah Kunkel


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