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styleonthecouch: joy cioci

Edited by: Sarah Jones
on July 23rd, 2012
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Contemporary womenswear designer Joy Cioci blends themes of romantic enchantment and sensual enticement in her fall 2012 collection 'Seductive Survival'.   A mix of unusual fabric textures and prints and bold bright colours often denoting 'danger', Seductive Survival is a tale of feminine strength, instinct and animalistic urges.

I had the pleasure of meeting Joy at her New York studio in SoHo last month - drawn to the beautiful femininity in her work, I was curious to understand more about the inspirations between the fall collection, her design aesthetic and future plans.  

You can read my interview with Joy, below:


What three words best describe the Joy Cioci woman?

Modern, influential and romantic.

Tell us about a favourite piece from your collection 'Seductive Survival'...

The Joy dress, because it embodies the sophistication and romance of the collection.

Where did you find inspiration for this collection?

I was really inspired by the idea of changing perspective and manipulation.  When I say manipulation I mean it in a positive way - to refocus how something is seen and identified and the power that comes with that ability.  For instance, in the collection I took several animal prints, owl, snake and leopard and worked with their scale and colour to design a whole new scope of prints that hardly resemble their origin.

There is a strong sense of romance in your designs which I adore, sometimes verging on the ethereal.  Is this something you have in mind when you set out to create a new line?

Romance and storytelling are just a part of how I look at life! When I create my collections that is something that comes through without a particular focus on it. I guess I am a bit of a dreamer. Each collection has a different inspiration, obviously, but they all tell stories that are going through my mind.

Describe to me your personal style...

I am very feminine and love to mix pieces that are frilly and girly with structure.  My personal style is seen throughout my designs - I will take silk chiffon and colourful print and pair it with a great pair of leather pants or a skirt, for instance.

What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?

Be diligent and never forget that fashion is a very huge industry.  This is a business at the end of the day.  It is really important not to get lost in the glamour and the illusion that we provide as designers.  Somehow you need to remember to keep your feet on the ground while your creativity soars in the skies!

What is the best piece of advice anyone ever gave you? (This can be in fashion or in life!)

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

What does the future hold for Joy Cioci? Can we hear a little about your forthcoming spring summer collection for 2013?

I can't give too much away but let's just say we are moving forward with some exciting developments and just trying to grow the brand at a steady pace.  I love films and creating beautiful narratives when I design - so a wonderful story for spring 2013 is going to be told.


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