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feature interview: stylist dianna lunt

Edited by: Cator Sparks
on April 16th, 2012
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 It’s rare to find people who are calm, cool, and collected in New York City; especially in the fashion world. So it was almost surreal interviewing stylist Dianna Lunt outside of Cafe Select because of her uber relaxed persona. Nothing frenetic, no constant phone checking (take note everyone!) and a smile always on her face. She has been working with the likes of J. Crew, Jil Sander, and Tiffany as well as publications such as Tank, Glamour and Big for some time. Before she flew off to Los Angeles we sat down to hear how it all started and about her electrical tape skirt she still loves.

Tell me about your childhood?

 I’m from Massachusetts and moved to New York to study fashion design. I  got a bachelor's degree and worked as a designer for five years.  But I wanted both a change and a new venture and also felt that as a stylist I would be more connected to the fashion world. The thing I enjoy most about being a stylist is the freedom; every week brings a new project and new faces, shooting on location on the beach and other interesting places. I'm still in the business of creating trends but I appreciate that styling is a far less technical approach, I allow my creativity to roam free/be more conceptual.

What did you love as a kid?

 Models! They were so inspiring, I would sit and draw them. The old Versace campaigns were all over my walls. Then there was  Karen Elson- I had her exact hair cut when I was younger. I even dyed my hair red. When I was old enough I started sewing things. I was into a more punk look I guess because that was accessible and all my friends were into it. It was a reflection of the music I listened to, and being a broke kid in high school, ripping my tights and sporting pink hair was far more affordable as a fashion aesthetic.

Tell me about your favorite project so far? 

Recently I shot Chloe Sevigny for an international campaign with photographer Daniel Jackson. It was my first time working with both of them and I really enjoyed it. Chloe is amazing and a bit ballsy and very New York.  

Tell me how you think about fashion?

I have been obsessed with fashion since first grade. I collected magazines when I was really young. I had a massive collection.  I was always obsessed with images and fashion in general. I am a very visual person so love taking it all in.  I reference anything I can get my hands on.

Part of styling is getting the idea in your head and make it real. And its not just you;, you have a team so it’s almost magic when everything comes together.

I hear you worked with Garance Dore and appeared in her shoots. How did that come about?

We met during fashion week several years ago.  She took my picture and then we met up and had coffee and she took more pictures. We have a similar idea of what we like in fashion and a similar temperament. Later we worked together on an advertorial  for Glamour and an editorial for Tank. We also shot a Jil Sander Navy in-store campaign for Fashion’s Night Out and the next year hosted and bartended the Phillip Lim Fashion’s Night Out store party. We even had drinks named after us! We were with Stevie Dance and Marina Munoz;, it was a blast. It’s always great to work with friends and people who understand you. 

Anything new coming up?

 I am really excited about my most recent editorial with Photographer Ben Morris, it will be up on The Contributing Editor next month. 

Any women role models to mention?

Emmanuelle Alt - I think she is a brilliant stylist and would love to be in the position she is in someday. I also adore Jane How  and Marie Chaix.

How about fashion icons?

 Lou Dillion and Charlotte Gainsbourg.  Their personal style is magical. I like it when girls have a bit of quirk to them and even a bit of a tom boy in them. Also I'm a huge fan of Melanie Laurent, I fell in love with her characters in “The Beginners” and “Inglorious Bastards”.


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