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208 w 30th st, #901
New York, New York, United States

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eat, shop, stay: new york

Edited by: Glynnis Mapp
on June 19th, 2012
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A multicultural melting pot of food, fashion and fun: there’s reason to say “I Love New York."  Manhattan and Brooklyn are becoming serious contenders for hot places to go in the city that never sleeps. In this edition of Eat, Shop, Stay we list The Big Apple’s sweetest culinary, fashion and hospitality successes: from upper crust restaurants to down-home delis; high-fashion haunts; and the latest luxe-and-lavish hotels. Channel your inner style globetrotter with these trendy top destinations! Chow down, drink up, shop-until-you-drop and then get a great night’s sleep in the “greatest city on earth.”


The Meatball Shop

If there’s one thing this kitschy-cool resto knows, it's meatballs. With three locations—Greenwich Avenue, Stanton Street, and Bedford Street in Brooklyn—star dishes include the “Everything But the Kitchen Sink Salad” (the name spells it out) and “Smash” (two meatballs smashed on toasted brioche bun, with your choice of mozzarella or provolone cheese). The no-reservation house is packed daily with tourists and locals alike. This summer, it’s delighting meatball lovers yet again with a new pop-up meatball “Tent Garden” in Williamsburg with a prix fixe menu.

Marc Forgione

It goes without saying: Marc Forgione—former Iron Chef—takes food very seriously, that’s why his namesake restaurant is a go-to for those foodies wanting to brag (read: Michelin Star). It’s also a historical gem: the Reade Street eatery was once a butter storage warehouse in the 1800s and still features its original cast iron doors. Order the chili lobster to start, the 28-day Dry Aged Boneless Ribeye Porchetta for your main and don’t look back. 


It’s a Park Slope staple: come ready to experience a Spanish, French and Italian melting pot of favorites. Dinners here are ecletic and delicious with menu fare that speaks to the best parts of Europe. Hitachino beer steamed clams with hand cut pasta,Vietnamese mint and garlic? Seared duck breast, quinoa-sweet potato gratin and a fig gastrique? Oui and Si! Go there expecting international comforts and come hungry.

Nusbaum and Wu

It’s no Katz or Carnegie Deli, but if you’re looking for “authentic New York delicatessen” welcome to an upper crust version.  Even Alec Baldwin has been spotted at this Upper West Side locale eating his share of locks and cream cheese. Just across the street from Columbia University’s campus, it’s also a favorite to students grabbing a bite before class—or after a big night out. Get your black-and-white cookies and poppyseed bagels right here.


Maison Kitsuné (in NoMad Hotel)

French music-meets-fashion brand injects its cooler-than-thou fashion appeal to the Big Apple! Paris-based fashion brand Maison Kitsuné has touched down in North America via the NoMad Hotel and are fashion types ever excited! Opening in April, the store melds old New York architectural charm with French je ne sais quois:  the ambiance of an old Parisian apartment with towering steel framed oval  windows, classic custom made furnishings juxtaposed with luxe furnishings like silk carpets, polished marble, mosaic tiles and patterned  wood flooring. Get your credit card prepared for sartorial favorites like: WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie, Monocle, Michel Vivien, Aesop and Maison Kitsuné’s own collections—all personally curated by Maison Kitsuné founders Gildas Loaëc and Masaya Kuroki. Oh, la-la!

Eva New York

A one-stop-shop on Bowery for those looking to find the city’s most eligible newcomers, Eva New York houses new-ish designers on the up. This month at Eva, slip dresses by Anagram are all the rage for New Yorkers staying stylish and cool this summer. Store associates are loving the Theora tented maxi by Riller and Fount. 

Maryam Nassir Zadeh

This Norfolk Street fashion store is easy to miss, but is a must-see stop for style-seekers looking for a bespoke kind of fashion selection. Sporting Damir Doma, Jeremy Laing, Veronique Leroy and Maryam Keyhani you won't go through this locay without getting hands-y with a few fashion pieces. Tons of oh-my-God-I-need-this moments to be had here. It’s a perfect starting spot for a nice little shopping fix: a quick walk and you’re also very close to yet another style hub, Assembly New York.


NoMad Hotel

What was the former Beaux-Arts building is now a grand hotel with interior touches by French designer Jacques Garcia.  The NoMad is impeccably dressed to impress—in fact uniforms for hotel wait staff are designed by Bespoken. The 168-room hotel boasts a soaring center atrium, library, cocktail bar, dining room. Its other features have fashion editors squealing with excitement: Paris’s ultra cool music-meets fashion brand Maison Kitsune opened its first-ever North American shop in April. Even better, NoMad awaits its soon-to-open rooftop, a city-view feature that will offer  food and beverages by award-winning Chef Daniel Humm and Restauranteur Will Guidara of New York's acclaimed Eleven Madison Park.

Wythe Hotel

This 1901 city structure oozes old-school turn of the century charm: located in the heart of Brooklyn, the eight-story Williamsburg waterfront structure is textile factory-turned luxury ‘It’ hotel. With 72 rooms and almost all of its original architectural gems—concave corner entrance, original pine beams, masonry, arched windows and cast-iron columns, 13’ high original timber ceilings, oversized windows, radiant heat concrete floors—the building is a chic history lesson and hotelier example as well. Vacation or staycation here before you ever book a room at a franchise.

Ace Hotel

There are many things to get absolutely jazzed about the Ace Hotel. Its locations around the world claim to “reinvents hospitality to make something fresh, energized and human.” This “modern bohemia” is appealing to New Yorkers who want a home in the middle of home. This staycation-perfect spot is a 12-story gem in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. It’s also perfect for tourists (but only the cool kind). It boasts 269 boutique rooms, is steps away from the theatre district and Times Square for those looking for that quintessential New York experience. It’s also home home to insanely popular fashion shop Opening Ceremony and completely dog friendly. You won’t want to ever leave.


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