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color scheming: gabrial geismar

Edited by: Kenny P. Paul
on January 24th, 2012
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In an industry that is forever changing its look, one must always be two steps ahead.  Keeping up is never an option, for you risk being left behind. It is this concept that  has enabled Make-Up Artist and Wardrobe Stylist, Gabrial Geismar to last for 13 years in the industry.  His vivacious and daring approach to his artistry has landed him within the pages of many noted industry publications such as Elle and Harpers Bazaar, while also building an impressive celebrity clientele – with the hysterical  Janice Dickinson being one of his most faithful clients for 10 years.


What color is inspiring you the most now? 

 For the lips, I’m absolutely crazy for “Seasoned Plum” (PRO long-wear lipstick) from MAC’s Daphne Guinness collection - deep plums and dark purples are in for both winter and spring this season. I’m also in love with “ Entertain Me” which is a bright orange pencil paired with “Flamingo”, a true orange lipstick from MAC’s Iris Apfel collection. Those two products, topped with a touch of “Tour de Fabulous” from MAC’s Tour De Fabulous collection is absolutely stunning! On the lids, a truly original summer shadow – of course it’s MAC, because that’s all I use- called Robin’s egg. It’s a matte bright green shadow from the Iris Apfel collection as well.

I’m really into bright colors and sick looking dark shades as well.  I tend to be very bold with my color choices.  The way is see it; you can’t start a trend with out breaking some new ground and taking risks. While the pay off can be very black and white – because you’ll end up either a genius or fail- it is this concept that has always kept me growing as an artist.

Where or how will you feature these discoveries in your work?

 I am already using “Seasoned Plum” by MAC, as well as the bright orange pencil “Entertain Me” with the lipstick “Flamingo”. I have been shooting a lot of editorials, so I have been lucky enough to use new products and colors that on celebrity clientele would be too risky. Editorials are a lot more forgiving.

What is the story behind this color and what inspired you to start using it? 

 Well, I guess you can say I’m kind of a plum and color fanatic. Anything unconventional to me is brilliant - at my last shoot I found my self-using bright baby blue. I am big fan of Way Bandy and his techniques- now he was a master with makeup and the godfather of all of us.

 Where do you look for inspiration?

There are four things an artist of any kind should have if they are going to work in fashion:

1. The Big Book of Fashion - it’s fashion’s bible

2.  A copy of the Diana Vreeland -autobiography because that woman was more fabulous than 12 Anna Wintour’s could ever be

3. Scavullo Women

4. Serge Luten Beauty.

Another truly inspiring thing for me to do is to pull images for 1972-1983 and 1990-1996, which were in my opinion great times in fashion.

Any beauty tips?

1.   Always wash your face before bed. It seems like a no brainer but some times even the best of us have too much to drink and pass out with a full beat face. Big no, no! That’s how you can tell if skin is taken care of or not. And for God’s sake as chic as it can be, there’s nothing Rock n’ Roll about smoking it just ages you quickly.

2.   As I said earlier-be bold! There’s nothing too bold and bright or dark that won’t work this season. The only colors that finally are going into retirement for a few years are nudes and camels. It hasn’t disappeared completely here in Los Angeles but we are always three years behind.

3.   Finally the loveliest most beautiful women I have worked with are the ones with true honest loving compassion for everyone around him or her. Being a diva is cute when it’s for show, but in real life it’s not cute just plain ugly.



Gabrial Geismar is represented by Current Studio

Photo Credits:  Mathu Anderson, Sondra Stocker and MAC Cosmetics



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